Would you like to automate your Twitter DMs?

Hey IndieHackers!

I built a tool to help people automate their Twitter DMs.

My pinned tweet shows how it works best (the embedded tweet doesn’t actually show the “dm me” button, so click on the tweet):

So how can IndieHackers use this?

Plenty of ways!

  1. Create a welcome message that links to your product/blog/course/ or newsletter.
  2. Create a welcome message that encourages people to email you for contracting work.
  3. Encourage people to have more personal connections with you in DMs.

This could mean:

  • more followers
  • more sales of your product
  • more contracting work leads

How it works

PlzDm.me creates Twitter welcome messages under the hood.

What are welcome messages? They’re a tool Twitter created to help brands get the most out of Twitter DMs. But they never rolled it out to regular users 😬

Good news though!! They left access to welcome messages in their API.

I did the hard work of building all the integrations & handling Twitter OAuth, so you can set one up!


Okay now that I’ve pitched you a bit, would you use this product? Does this make sense?

Thanks for the feedback 🙏

Would you use this product?
  1. Yes
  2. No
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