Developers September 22, 2020

Would you like to Create your own illustrations?

Khushmeen @Khushmeen

Hi everyone I have been building - a diy illustration tool that lets you create your own custom illustrations. You can create your own scenes and customize characters, colors, style and almost everything. I would love to get your feedback on it. Would you like to use something like this? What can I do to make it more useful for you? Do you want to use these illustrations for your next project? Please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance ❤️

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    Very cool :)

    Tbh it sounds like How would you compete?

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      Thanks @BraydenTW
      Our editor is actually quite different from blush. We wanted to give the makers a complete control over their illustrations. So we built something where you can customise everything! You can not only customize characters and objects, You can even change the positions of elements and add or delete anything in the scene. You can create your own scenes from scratch based on message you want to deliver. We are just focusing on providing as much value as possible with Sketcha.❤️
      You may visit our website @ for more details 🙂

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        I love that! was a bit more restricting so I look forward to trying out this tool :)

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            You're very welcome.

            (Just signed up for early access too 🥳)

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    Lovely tool.
    Would you consider on-demand custom illustration if there is request for a completely different theme?
    Also, side question, are you mastering any particular no code tool presently (you used bubble for shetcha, right?)? How confident would you be if given a project to implement in a no code environment?
    Thank you and keep it up.

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      Thank you @Moxion 🙂❤️
      As of now we are not sure if we will be taking any on-demand custom illustration request. We will be adding many more styles to Sketcha though.
      About the no-code tools presently we are not using any. @dilpreetsio is developing Sketcha. He has built a custom editor for it. 🙂

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    I like the simplicity of it. and the illustrations are great.
    What have you done when it comes to market research ?

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      Thanks @aekiro 🙂
      Being an illustrator I knew the unmet needs of designers and makers. To confirm we talked to a lot of ui/ux designers. Also we are continually trying to get feedback to deliver as much value as we can. ❤️🙂

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    excited about this! Thanks

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    Looks awesome Kushmeen!

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    The product seems very robust @Khushmeen. I loved the amount of combinations you've made available for the user. You should check out my product at I believe it's something that might catch your interest too.

    Keep hustling,

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      Thank you @harshvijay
      Love what you are building @, it looks really impressive. Looking forward to using it <3

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    Love it! but would like to see the proposed licensing (can I use it for business) and rough pricing before you get my email ;-)

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      All the illustrations can be used for both personal and commercial use. We will be revealing our prices soon with the launch of the editor. We are also rolling out a free pack with the same license in early access soon :)
      With your permission, I would love to DM you on twitter when we reveal the prices :)

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    This looks great. I've been working on a similar tool, but with isometric style illustrations:

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      Looks really cool! <3

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    Super flexible it seems!! Good work.

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    It looks fantastic @Khushmeen - when would you release?

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      Thanks @felix12777 ❤️
      We are planning to launch it by the end of next month. Will be rolling out early access sooner.

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    Looks like the most flexible one I've seen so far, I've registered. Being able to tweak colours, sizes and positioning is 90% of the need I think. 👍🏾

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      Thank you for signing up @RichAwo 🙂

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    They look awesome!

    You do have a small typo below your title:
    "With Skectha you can create..."

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      thank you @robertbroersma :)
      can't believe I missed that, will fix it right away! thanks for pointing it out <3

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    YES! I love illustration but I don't know how to make one. I would love to create a lot of things using illustration like avatar, background images to be used in projects and landing pages. I'd definitely love it.

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      Thanks @namwa
      You can create characters, backgrounds and more. You may sign up for early access. We will be rolling it out soon :)

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        Just signed up for early access :)

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