Would You Like To Help Build The Next Big Thing In DeFi & NFT?

Hello Indiehackers,

I'm trying to build a DeFi ecosystem that consists of an AMM, liquidity pools, automated crypto savings vault, prediction markets and NFT minting, sales and voting innovation, all on the Polygon sidechain.

I'm looking for a tech co-founder, preferably a full stack developer with passion for blockchain and crypto.

Your job at present will be to setup the project landing page and start developing the first product out of five products that we have and make the repository on GitHub public.
Secondly, you will mint the project tokens.
We will then run an IEO/IDO to raise funding for us to build out the remaining four products and other general expenses.

In return for your services, you alone or together with a second co-founder will have 50% equity in the startup.

If you're passionate about crypto and blockchain as I am, please do reach out to me.

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