Ideas and Validation May 28, 2020

Would you like to know who looked at your resume... and how many times they did?

Mick @Primer

So I'll start off by saying that SongBox is going absolutely nowhere. It's my primary thing, it's making money and it's growing.


I was thinking tonight about other ways that I could use the technology I've developed.

  1. Basically SongBox allows a user to send someone else a link to a page that contains "things".
  2. It then tracks and counts the engagement with both the page itself and the "things" within it.

I could quickly turn this to almost anything and I was thinking about resumes (CVs). Would it be of value do you think to know when person X, Y and Z looked at your resume? and conversely - if they didn't?

What do you think? I could turn this around in 2 days.

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    I think lots of people would find resume tracking very handy, especially if you specifically market it as that (maybe later on you open it to portfolios and referee links etc). I’m not sure the feedback on here is coming from your ideal audience.

    Maybe put together a landing page and run some LinkedIn ads and see where that gets you.

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      LinkedIn ads are a great idea. Thanks.

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    I can think of many scenarios where you would want that functionality... Sharing a doc, image, video, file, even link to your personal page, maybe it could replace the ?ref argument?

    I think a lot of this work is being done by link shorteners already, but there's the analytical view that allows you to spectate the behaviour on-page as well, interesting.

    In that context, resumes are actually the least useful to me. I could care less if HR looks at my resume or how long they do it.

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    I think you should think outside of the resume context. Lots of job boards and web forms for applying require a PDF file upload. So unless you're embedding JS into your PDFs and tracking clicks that way (this could cause the file to not load on some browsers or PDF viewers), you should look elsewhere.

    Talk to as many people as possible. Figure out where there's a niche market for engagement tracking that is not tied to authentication. Validate your idea.

    Our app does engagement tracking for SaaS companies by enabling buyers to collaborate on the deals with sellers, and allowing sellers to follow a unified process.

    Find a similar niche / market where these metrics are not being properly calculated and the use of a link would benefit.

    Otherwise, this concept isn't new. It's been around for ages. Find a use case for it and don't let it be the only thing your app does. Build it as part of your solution once you've found it.

    Best of luck!

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    I don't know if that's something targeted to Indie Hackers. I wish I don't have to send another resume in my entire life as I want to build businesses, not get hired again.

    So in my case I wouldn't use it, but maybe job seekers would find this valuable!

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      Yup this was exactly my thought too. However.... I've nowhere else to ask lol.

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    It sounds like you've built an alternative to Google Analytics, where many of these already exist. Is there one specifically for indie hackers, what would that even look like?

    The CV / presentation / blog tracking has all been done too, and I have the impression that at least employers and investors hate them, but I have no proof in hand.

    At least one person is hellbent on blocking this type of tracking, DHH with his new email service....

    I've heard that there are new tracking services for employers / employees being introduced because of the work from home thing right now.

    To me it seems like you're going to have to be very creative to repurpose this, and I hope you can figure it out.

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    Actually no.
    It doesn't give me anything real. And also the number doesn't have to mean anything. Plus, on top of that, every company is dealing with this topic differently, you can't set a standard or a baseline.

    Maybe there's a chain of like 3-5 persons where people have to take a look at your CV in one company. And only 1 person deciding in another company. Is 5==1 in terms of value (someone who decides seen your CV and gives you a job)?

    The real outcome on sending a CV is either you get job or not. Anything in between is just guessing, giving some false hopes. Even the rejection without proper feedback is in the same area.

    What if I see that my resume was seen by someone (important)? I am still expecting a phone call to confirm if I got a job. Maybe it could just led me into false thoughts.

    What if I see the number of opening is 0? Is it like, they still didn't find to see my CV or my CV was thrown in a trash immediately. It gives me again a lot of room for guessing. But again, what value does it bring to me. Can I change anything? Can it improve anything at my side? Can it increase chances of being hired?

    So, I would check on another place.
    It's a curse and a blessing having a product/technology that you can see fit everywhere. I know that with my product.