Ideas and Validation October 17, 2020

Would you pay $2 a month to be part of a small community about cooking food from places like Vietnam, Italy, Peru, Mexico?

Esteban Saa @steban

I love Vietnamese food! and it occurred to me that other people may also like the idea of learning how to prepare it. Will any people be interested in joining such a group and paying $2 a month to be part of it? We would have a real Vietnamese community manager to teach us the secrets of good PhoBo!

Also, we are readying a community-building platform that lets you create a community and charge your members a monthly fee. The money goes directly to your account, we don't take a cut. Instead, we charge a small fixed fee of $5. So the above community will be the first one we create. You are also welcome to create your own communities about any topic.

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