Ideas and Validation February 13, 2020

Would you pay for this webpage builder? And does the pricing seem fair?

Yusuf Qabil @qabil

Hey guys, I'm building a simple webpage builder that is designed for brands, businesses, teams, and projects that want to create quick landing pages or about pages.

Would hoping to know what you'd think of it?

Here's the website:


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    I just thought of something that might help you. The only reason anyone would use a landing page builder is if it helps with their conversions from leads to sales.

    I see lots of features on your website, but nothing specific on why I should use your product. It doesn't solve a problem that matters deeply for me.

    Does your generic landing pages help me with conversion? If not, I rather build it myself because landing pages do matter (i.e. first impressions).

    I hope this help. It's not meant to be mean.

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      Thank you for your honest feedback, @hackerland, it helps because I'm learning.

      Can I know what sort of specific feature you're looking for on my product that's missing when compared to other landing page builders? And what is that problem that matters deeply to you?

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    Hi @qabil, Airsite (similar space) just launched on PH and did quite well ( Would take that as a good sign for your service too. Best of luck.

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      Hey, @navpar. Thanks for sharing this, and thank you for the well wishes! I'll be launching on Product Hunt soon :)

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    Hi. Why pivot from personal profiles? You say is dull & expensive but how are they doing? If successful then it's a space that works. Free is great to get signups but ultimately u need revenue. Consider paid add-ons (e.g. 'custom domain', 'remove branding'). If you can do it all without being sneaky (e.g. no user tracking) you may be able to tap into that part of the market. In fact be upfront & transparent about how you will fund this as we all know "it's all free guys" means we are the product.

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      Thanks, @rab! I actually didn't pivot from personal profiles, I separated them into 2 products; (for personal page) and (for brands, businesses, groups, projects, etc).

      Yes, I have a paid add-on at $19 per year for those who want to link their custom domain and have access to other pro features.

      Oh, you're right! I really should emphasize and be upfront about my transparency in building the product and not tracking users. Thanks for highlighting this!

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        Some thoughts:

        • confusion between 2 sites as so similar.

        • should push Profile Page not About Page (latter implies part of bigger site to devs, former shouts 'this is about me').

        • .team site is a distraction (you should concentrate on .info assuming your analysis of competitors shows there is a market and you've not run .info site to its natural end).

        • I like One Profile but not .info (but appreciate domains are tricky to acquire).

        Just my opinion :)

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          I agree on using Profile Page instead of About Page. I'm actually in the midst of changing the copy on the website. Will hopefully push an update in a day or two.

          With the .team site, I'm still figuring things out but I think you're right.

          Yeah, choosing a domain name can be such a pain.

          Anyway, you gave very useful insights. Thank you so much for sharing, @rab :)

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    Live your execution but I have a question. If I already have a website, why would I need this?

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      If your product's website needs a quick multipurpose about page that has a built-in contact form for visitor inquiries, visual Google Map for locations, a job board for recruitment, a team member box to showcase people, a unique qr code for sharing – I think my product might be a good addition.

      What do you think?

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        I think maybe for departments within organisations that don't have access to their own software developers it's a good shout.

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          That's a good take, thanks for sharing @Primer!

          Anyway, are you from Scotland? I used to study in Newcastle and did a road trip up to Inverness, passing through Edinburgh and Glasgow. My God, I think Scotland is one of the most beautiful places on earth, it was truly a breathtaking trip. I really miss those gorgeous views. You're so lucky to live there!

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    Cool design! the footer navigation is lovely. ❤️

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      Thanks, @alelepd ❤️I've created a webpage builder for personal about page too at if you'd like to try :)

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    You put a lot of work in to that, couple years ago it might be very popular. It will be really hard to compete with wix and others unless you do not have a secret weapon.

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      I've written about the differences in a blog post here Comparing Different About Page Solutions.

      The differences are primarily in price, user experience, and page aesthetics.

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    Probably not the best idea since how many times will one company build an About page?

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      You're right. I thought that maybe each company would like to create an About page for their teams too — you know, an about page for the founding team, your engineering team, design team, product team, sales & marketing team and so on.

      I think I saw a trend where startups are trying to become more candid and transparent with their users...but I don't really know if that's the case though.

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        Just throw up a simple landing page and see who signs up.

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          Does this page look okay to you?

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    To be honest, there are so many site builders these days, you really need a way to differentiate yourself. Or a niche market like a site builder for city governments or a site builder for fitness trainers.

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      Thank you for your honest feedback, I appreciate it. I agree that picking a niche might help, maybe I'll have a look into it more.

      Anyway, I've written about the differences in a blog post here Comparing Different About Page Solutions. The differences between other webpage builders are primarily in price, user experience, and page aesthetics.

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        I would really look at the type of customers you have right now, identify a common thread and go all in on that niche.

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          Sounds like a good strategy. Thanks, @cloutreach