Would you use this task manager (in Beta)?

Hi hackers,

Here is a task manager that I built for myself simply because the only app out there that worked for me was Trello, but let's be honest - lately it's extremely slow. No full dark mode support, so many plugins, and automated stuff popping up randomly in the face, and many other things I can't rant about here.

Managing many side projects isn't a pain anymore, there are tabs on the left for quick navigation.

So, my question is from you fellas if I were to release this as a public app would any of you use it? Not only it's much faster and better looking, but I'll also be developing features based on your feedback/requests if you decided to join in the beta. So we'll build this for us, exactly how we want it.

It's going to be much more than a simple task writing board. Of course completely free.

Attached is a screenshot of the beta dashboard.

If you want to try hands-on, signup here: https://veonr.com/task-management

Please help me find the answer for the following...

Should I make it public or keep it to myself?
  1. Public! Although not for me
  2. Public! I might try as well
  3. Keep it to yourself
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