"Write a blogpost only if you know people will like it" can you give me feedback on this idea?

Write a blogpost only if you know people will like it

  • Post the title of the article you want to write;
  • Get upvotes and feedback on the topic before writing it;
  • BONUS 1: Generate titles that can succeed in specific communities like IH, HN, SubReddits (using GPT-3);
  • BONUS 2: Calculate your "title score", 0 to 100% confidence that it can go well on a specific community where you want to share it;

For the 2nd issue of my newsletter (superbuild.io/newsletter), I was thinking about this idea

Any feedback?

  1. 1

    As long as they are not click baits... ugh..

    "This indie hacker created a title generator tool, you wouldn't believe what happened next"

    I like the idea btw. Question, where you you going to get the people to vote for the titles?

    Would it be something like a twitter pool "What should I write about next, option A), B), C)"

    that writers can post on their social networks so their audience can vote?

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    An automated system to generate headlines, keywords and other starting points for blog posts targeted at a specific community (IH, HN, Subreddits, etc) would be great.

    Even better if it can look at your company's site and ITS topics/keywords, and suggest blog posts that give you a chance to educate readers on topics relevant to your company.

    It's like paint-by-numbers for indiehackers with a product, an idea of where to promote it, and you get everything needed to start a good blog post.

    1. 2

      Have you ever read the book about HubSpot by Dan Lyons? It's called "Disrupted".

      He tells a story of how HubSpot created an automated system to generate blog headlines and it was all great until it fired out

      "The 15 best things about cancer"


      1. 1

        Sure, the AI is at a point where a human must be involved to pick the best headlines and write the article. And there are some thorny issues here on humans' relationship to the AI. What does it mean when your AI tells you what to write, so it will be picked by some social platform's AI which will tell thousands of people to read it?

        The writer is in an awkward place in this scenario, just a middleman in the process between AI's. And it's not hard to see writer's work in creating these blog posts is just providing a bigger data set for a future AI to take the writer's job and churn out the whole blog post automatically.

  3. 1

    As an editor myself who helps editors with their titles, I like the idea, however would suggest that a person needs to suggest at least 3 titles to vote between. You could also suggest "formulas" as ideas for titles. I do like the BONUS part :) Would be great if this was a WP plugin so I could submit from WP and then the system also later gets real data on the success :D

    1. 1

      Interesting perspectives!
      Like the "3 choices" you mentioned, and Wordpress could be a great marketplace/distribution channel to start and grow

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