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Writing a post about a failed startup, what would you want to know?

Hey hackers!

I am planning on writing an extended post about a "failed" startup I founded 9 years ago.
It was a news startup based on an algorithm I wrote that indexed almost all the news in the Nordics faster than any other service.
I went from nothing to a few paying customers, to two small investment rounds (~100.000€) that also included a sales team. But the sales never hit off.
There are many reasons why things didn't work out in the end. The investors were a bad match, the service itself, my personal mental health etc.

I know there have been countless dissections of failed startups but I still want to share my experience with you.

So my question is if there is anything you would want to know about? Anything that you are tired of hearing or something that you feel like is not being addressed enough. All ideas and feedback are welcome.

Thank you :)

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