WTF: My Weirdest Growth Hack That Got Me 20% Bump In Revenue!

Growth hacks are "fun" but they're unsustainable, hence the term hack. In the end natural, bedrock growth beats all.
However, this one was just too fun not to try

I run a personalised cold emailing startup, i.e hyper-personalised cold emails using prospect data

And like any early-stage founder, I was looking for new ways to grow

We all know and have been victim of horrible template emails and I realised...wait these people are my future customers

So what I did was create a temp gmail account, sign up to a bunch of websites, that I knew are going to harvest my email

Then set up an automatic reply that read.


I don't know what your open rate is for these cold emails, but you can hit easy 80% open rates with 40% reply rates using personalised AI, try out <xyz>"

Now how does this work for you?

Every solution is a replacement for another solution. If you run a marketing agency, an easy way to implement the above process would be to position yourself as your prospects customer and sell your services in return

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    "Hi, do you remember me?" I use the title. :D

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    Hey Vaibhav, clever tactic. I checked your site and your main CTA in the menu has a grammar error (should be 'an outreach pro'). There are a few others on the home page too (e.g. with out). Given your product involves writing for your clients, the writing on your site needs to be top notch. You might want to hire a proofreader/copywriter to make sure you maximise your conversion rate.

    1. 1

      Thanks so much for this mate. Been spriting at 100 miles an hour, we'll fix this ASAP . A full site revamp is coming either way round to boost up conversions!

      Thanks so much for bringing this up!

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    Nice hack!! I’ve seen a lot of founders replying to these cold emails offering their products and sometimes it works too :)

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