May 16, 2019 does not seem to have product market fit—user engagement is low. Should I pivot or ditch the idea?

nikk wong @nikkwong

Hi, I posted a few days ago about a project I've been working on, Blendful—a tool for illustrators. Since then, we've had some decent traffic jumps (we're still trending on BetaList and BetaPage); but, for the most part, people don't really seem to be using the SVG editor and engagement is all-around pretty weak.

I'm curious as to whether anyone has any ideas or insights; including whether or not I should pivot and/or ditch the product and find something else to work on. Any feedback is appreciated; thank you!

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    Think following on from our previous discussion, you will have to fill the sell side part of it in the short term.

    I would redo the landing page, make it for the buyer. Make it easy to understand what the product is and have CTAs to use the SVG editor.

    SVG editor I would add some prebuilt SVGs.

    Also email anyone who signed up and get feedback.