Xeotek - Data exploration & development platform for real-time data

Hey community!
I've just launched Xeotek and I would love to get some web design feedback.

What we do?
Xeotek helps companies develop and explore their data applications and streams faster with Xeotek's powerful desktop and web application.

Xeotek KaDeck was designed to be used by developers, operations, and business users alike.

Because business users, developers, and operations jointly gain insight into data and processes via KaDeck, the whole team benefits: fewer misunderstandings, less rework, more transparency.

Xeotek KaDeck puts you in control of your data streams. Save hours of work by gaining insights at the data and application level in projects or day-to-day operations. Export, filter, transform and manage data streams in KaDeck with ease.

Run JavaScript (NodeV4) code, transform & generate test data, view & change consumer offsets, manage your streams or topics, Kafka Connect instances, schema registry, and ACLs – all from one convenient user interface.

Thanks in advance!

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