Yantra- Create AI Models from an Excel Spreadsheet

Yantra allows you to create AI models by uploading your excel data. No coding required. Subscribe to the email list get free access to our beta.

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    I would suggest you to give more information on the site: examples, datasheets samples, results etc. I don't want to spend 5 minutes for your video, neither others do - provide information for 5-seconds test.
    Good luck!

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      Thanks for your feedback. What do you think is the most effective way of providing more information? Should I have another page for example? Have graphics in each steps Ie. Upload: picture of csv upload, train: picture of train and predict: picture of doing prediction? Thanks

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        Thanks for your feedback. What do you think is the most effective way of providing more information? Should I have another page for example?
        I think it's more important to tell about your service right on the landing page - so, you would highlight your main features and "how it works" there (you can always add additional information on other pages).
        It can be anything - text, infographics, gifs etc.
        You need to provide the all answers on the questions a user may have:

        • What is this service for?
        • Which problem does it solve?
        • Which benefits I would have if I would use it?
        • How would I use it?
          Give examples of using, use cases etc. - I don't think that users would spend even $1 just to do Titanic task one more time.
          Another thing I noticed - I finally watched your video (just because it's about ML and it's among my interests) - and didn't see:
        • how do you split the data into train and test subsets (if you do)
        • how do you check which column will be a label?
          Hope, it helps.
          Good luck!
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          I've made some changes now based on your feedback. What do you think? What should I change?


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            Well, you added several use cases and that's it. All use cases are pretty weak. For example, "for journalism" - from your description it just doesn't make any sense - because sentiment analysis can be easily done by humans.
            Another thing is I would recommend to find out one subject area, focus on it and give realistic use cases and explanations. Also, try to read this article carefully https://www.julian.com/guide/growth/landing-pages and this one too https://www.ventureharbour.com/ultimate-guide-creating-value-proposition-w-30-examples/
            Good luck.

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    great site and idea. just some questions/feedback i have:

    • i love the design/simplicity of the web design. did you code it yourself or did you use a template?
    • as a user would i have to separate my training / test data? or does yantra create that split for me?
    • very interesting pricing structure. i like how i dont have to pay if the model accuracy is under < 70%
    • in the Contact section you put "Send Massages" instead of "Send Message". unless that was intentional :)
    • from my experience in Data Science most of the work leading up to the actual model training is data preprocessing / transformations. could be interesting to add a preprocessing feature for non tech-savvy people to unleash the full power of ML

    all in all, i really like this product. i hope you find a great product-market fit :)

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      Hey zckly, thanks for your feedbacks.

      • I used a template and I modified it.
      • No, you don't have to split your dataset. Yantra will automatically split train and test data for you.
      • Yeah, we're still playing around with the pricing structure.
      • I'll change to "Send Message" :)
      • We do some basic data preprocessing. We are looking to have more data filters in the future.

      Thanks for your feedback. I'm doing a customer interview to gain more insight right now. Can I do a quick interview with you? It should not take more than 10 minutes.Thanks

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    Let me know what you guys think?

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