Yaro Bagriy acquires Playgroup

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    Thanks @rosiesherry for posting this! I’ve been following up with Ben for months about acquiring Playgroup. We finally worked out a solid price! I’m so excited to take Playgroup forward.

    I’ve built 2 successful communities, I’ve intimately understand what makes a great community, and what the software needs to help drive a successful community.

    This has been one of my most exciting moments as an indie hacker!

    If anyone had any questions please feel free to ask 😊

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      This is fresh to hear! If there is any chance to learn the thinking behind making an acquisition, that'd be so amazing :)!

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        Yes that’s something I’m really wanting to do. I’m writing a blog on the reasoning behind the acquisition and how others can utilize the strategy to expand their portfolios.

        Signup for my newsletter, I’ll send it out from there. yarobagriy.com

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      Thanks John! Time to really get to work now. So excited!

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