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Year In Review

For my inaugural year in review, I decided to put some of the major points of the year into this post

  • ✅ Creating toko

    • This has undoubtedly been the biggest achievement of mine this year. Whilst faced with an admittedly long and stretched out launch date, I have lots of ideas on how I can further the development of Toko, well into the future.
  • ✅ Getting into the habit of designing things regularly

    • I love UI/UX, however I have the habit of not really designing much outside of my own personal projects. I have begun creating mock companies and designing a site and occasionally branding around them.
      • This could also be said for me stepping up the amount of front end I have been doing just for fun outside of projects. I have come to enjoy frontend even more than at the start of the year.
  • ✅ At the beginning of this year, I was in one community for programming. At the end of the year, I am also in just one, albeit a different Discord server. The only difference is is that I have become increasingly engaged in this community, and might I say one of the most active members

  • ✅ I have recently begun freelancing on the side. It's nothing huge yet, however I have received one commission which I would consider to be a win.

Overall, this year has been quite productive

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