YES! Stripe Acquires TaxJar

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      It looks like this is a step in the right direction but still a long way from matching a Merchant of Record solution like Paddle.

      According to the TaxJar website they only automatically file tax reports for US sales right now, so you would still need to manually file reports for any other regions where you charge customers tax.

      I'm sure Stripe will expand the coverage of this, but I imagine there will still be work involved to manually sign up for tax reporting in the required regions and then integrate the accounts with Stripe/TaxJar and then make sure the tax payments are submitted when required.

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      If I was running Paddle, this would worry me deeply

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        as long as Stripe doesn't offer a Merchant of Record service, I wouldn't worry that much.

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        Paddle... backwards 🤔

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    If this means what I think it means...then no more sales tax / VAT / GST crap to deal with anymore - Stripe will make it just work [TM]

    IndieHackers rejoice!

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    So, the question is, if you guys had to start today, would you go with Paddle or Stripe? (yes, asking "for a friend").

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      Though I have an account onStripe, i am in Gumroad because of the taxes..this will surely make me move.

      Been on Paddlem don't like it.

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        I’m curious, what don’t you like about Paddle?

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    Couldn't be happier to support Stripe.

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    Pretty interesting news. Wonder what will happen to TaxJar.

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    Great timing I was just looking at Stripe vs Paddle vs Chargbee and others 😁

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    The thing I loved about TaxJar was how simple the API was contrasted to how much complexity was hidden behind it, kinda like Stripe. Simplified our e-commerce and bookkeeping a lot. The story of its founding was also super inspiring, felt very indiehacker-y. Very happy for them.

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    This is huge! Thanks for sharing!

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