Yoop - Feedbacks on Welcome email

Hi there!

I'm not that far from opening registrations on Yoop (https://yoop.blog)

One the few task left is to implement a nice Welcome email after subscription.

I will ask for feedbacks to existing users (who had not received that kind of email) but what about yours?

Here is the proposed text:

Hi {{ $username }}!

I'm Loïc from Yoop and I'm happy to welcome you :)

Your blog can be found here: https://yoop.blog/{{ $nickname }}.

At first I suggest you to start going to your profile page and to set a title and subtitle: http://yoop.test/user/profile.

In order to use Yoop you've been assigned a dedicated email address: {{ $yoop_email }}. Add it to your contacts list and remember it.

Publish a blog post

To publish a blog post you have to send an email to {{ $yoop_email}}. Its subject will be the title of your blog post and its body will be the post content.

Yoop will send you back an email to confirm the blog post has been published.

Note that Yoop accepts images as email attachments (jpg and png).

Delete a blog post

To delete a blog post you also have to send an email:

  1. Reply to the publication confirmation email of the post you want to delete and only write the word "delete" (without quotes).

  2. Or send a new email to {{ $yoop_email }} with the body starting with the word "delete" (still without quotes), then the URL of the blog post you want to delete. The subject can be left empty.

You'll receive a confirmation email too.

Questions and feedbacks

Feel free to get back to me by email ([email protected]) for any questions or for whatever feedbacks you want to make.

I hope you'll enjoy publishing by sending emails :)



Thanks :)

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    Congrats on the launch! Love the idea.

    If you are looking for some tips on crafting a good welcome email, you might want to check out what this founder did to get a 70% open rate & 25% response rate.

    To summarise: she crafted her welcome email with a simple personalised message and a question to learn more about her new subscribers.

    This got lots of subscribers to reply and started engaging with her.

    You can check out more such case studies if you're interested over at GrowthHunt.co, where I curates and summarised growth strategies for other founders to learn and replicate from.

    Cheers & all the best!

    1. 2

      @GrowthHunt Thanks for the links! I'm going to read cases on your site and make improvements on my welcome email :)

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