You can now create polls on Indie Hackers! 🗳

To create a poll, just click the "Add Poll" button when creating a new post.

Polls are super basic at the moment, but it's possible I'll come back and add more features to them in the future, e.g. supporting links and images in poll options, multiple choice polls, polls on milestones, etc.

For now, here are the rules:

  • One poll per post, max.
  • You can't edit a poll once you've made it.
  • You can't change your vote once you've voted.
  • You only get one vote per poll.

Let me know if you find any bugs, as I coded this one up pretty quickly.


What would you like to see most on Indie Hackers?
  1. direct messaging
  2. bookmarking comments and posts
  3. subscribing to posts
  4. more features for customizing groups
  5. bug fixes and performance improvements
  6. something else (comment below!)
  1. 6

    Either a native app, an API so others could build one, or at least a PWA

    1. 3

      This is actually a great idea. Would love to help with the Android version ✌🏼

    2. 2

      Hey Anthony I’m working on a native IH app if you’re on iPhone: themoon.app

      1. 2

        This looks good! I'll try it out. Didn't know there was an API.

  2. 5

    Direct messaging would be nice, but I voted for the something else option for getting the verified traffic for projects feature working.

    1. 2

      What is the "verified traffic for projects" feature?

      1. 1

        For me, this has only ever shown the message "This feature is temporarily disabled" but I have seen other projects that show data graphs on this tab.

  3. 4

    @csallen I'd like to be able to sort and search groups easier - (my groups only, groups that people I follow are active in, alphabetically, newest, oldest, freshest, needs love, by tag, etc etc). Now that groups are growing, it's getting hard to find what's out there!

    1. 3

      Pretty high on my priority list!

  4. 3

    Thanks for this feature @csallen

  5. 1

    This is really a nice development.

  6. 1

    Thank you for this feature !

    Majority Judgment Polls and Approbation Polls are the best kind of Poll. (so says science, and many people, including yours truly)

    Please consider implementing them !

  7. 1

    nice one @csallen

    If you do implement direct messaging it would be nice for it to be optional. So you can choose your settings. Or only on accounts you follow maybe.

    I recently took my email off my profile. Too many cold emails. And I don't think thats just me :)

  8. 1

    I noticed today that in creating my product timeline, the "tagline" field is too short for my tagline :( My tagline is ~80 characters. You should bump it to 100 chars.

  9. 1

    This is awesome @csallen! An interesting extension to this would be to be able to embed polls from IndieHackers on other websites (e.g. blogs, etc.), by including some JS snippet. It would probably also work as a growth lever - not that you need it really, IH is doing great and it has some of the most devoted and active community members already :-)

  10. 1

    I would like to see a mobile app, or PWA

  11. 1

    I voted for bug fixes and performance because I know that stuff will take longer if it is put off!

    Awesome stuff Courtland, IH is becoming quite feature-rich 👌

  12. 1

    I have a feeling these are going to be very popular :) Nice work @csallen

  13. 1

    Great! This is awesome :)

  14. 1

    Great feature!
    Private groups maybe in the future? :)

  15. 1

    This is great, thank you!

  16. 1

    Great ! I voted for bookmarks :)

  17. 1

    This is so cool! Thank you for the feature!

  18. 1

    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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