May 11, 2019

You could viably donate now, but it's a few weeks before actually launching 😊 Day 40 of #The100DayProject

Chris @blunicorn

Can't believe it's been 40 days, feels like I've done nothing and everything haha. I made a bit more headway in preparing to take donations this evening:

  • Mainly I was working on the campaign setup in donorbox and styling the embeddable widget for my website. The form actually has a standalone link on donorbox, but I won't be sending donors there as a general rule cause their pages are hideous and hard to customise (you're welcome to start donating though if you want to be my first donor and way before I'm actually ready 😉...I guess arguably this is the most MVP donations page ever haha).
    I can't get this onto the website until a.) I've built out the content on the site (working on that) and b.) I need to get an SSL certificate for sorted out in the next week or so, otherwise I can't process payments securely on my own domain.

  • I replied to a few emails I had been meaning to get around to.

So, productive enough 😃


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    I will likely make a separate campaign in donorbox to accept one-time donations as it seems crazy to rule that out, but my primary focus is going to be on recurring payments as I feel donors should be ready to routinely think about and contribute to helping fight climate breakdown. Does that sound problematic? I can see the arguments for making one-time donations a default option on all campaigns

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