May 19, 2019

You get investors for just an idea; how do you find people to build it?

Andy @zwm

I can receive investments for a fleshed out idea for a mmo game, but I need to figure out how to get a team together to build it. Given the scenario, how would you approach a project like this without any resources (network, skills)?

The first big milestone is to launch an early beta release on Steam to maintain a healthy budget for ongoing development.


  1. 3 is a great resource to check-out 😁

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      I signed up just now. Super

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    I run the FB Game Developers group. 20k members. You could post there but be prepared to field hundreds of inquiries. I’d suggest also looking in a place like the Unity Slack, there are thousands of folks there who know their stuff. If you need some help vetting senior talent, feel free to hit me up. I’ve worked in both AAA and many Indie dev teams and know what to look for. You need dev, networking/server, web, UI, and 3D artists. Musicians easy to come by. Look for a Senior dev who knows game networking very well, and who could help structure tasks.

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      Appreciate the response! I'll take note of the FB Group and your offer as I plan. I looked into the Godot Engine for game development. How do you feel about Godot? Obviously, more people are familiar with Unity which makes hiring devs who know Godot a bit challenging.

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        If you want talent, it's best to go with something a lot of people know and where wide documentation and plugins are available. That will give you a wide range of people available at all levels of the talent pool. Unless there's a compelling reason why Godot would be better ie better starting point/example project. I've found the asset store for Unity to be a tremendous time/$$ saver for many things.

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    It should be fairly simple for you to get developers. There are numerous websites out there where you could hire developers like &

    Alternatively, you could use a software dev agency like ours ( We have about 10+ years of experience in software development and have completed 500+ projects. If you are interested in getting a quote for your project, fill out this form

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      'am looking for specifics ie, where to start, podcast, readings, directions

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    Hi ZMW, are you open to working with remote developers?

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      I'm not against it. Shoot me a message

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        Will do. What's ur email? Mine is [email protected]

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    You can rent your dedicated developers & designers from Its a superb idea when you have limited budget & resources.

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    Reach out to peole who have built apps already.

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      Good reminder! ty

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        There's a lot of games with low ratings but the coders might no something just not marketing.

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          aye. that's very true

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    Ah, I understand now! Well, I am going to throw you a whole bunch of podcast links. I absolutely love The Startup Chat (by Steli Efti and Hiten Shah) and there are two in particular that might give you some good information.

    Hiring your first team member:
    Hiring your first 10 team members:

    And because this podcast is one of the best (aside from the Indie Hackers one), here are some more that may be relevant for you...

    Figuring out the right pace of hiring:
    An Outcome-Based Hiring Framework:
    Hiring Interns:
    Company Builders:

    Once again, I hope this helps!

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      Last night, I finished the first podcast. That was pretty insightful. Kudos

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    Are you saying you already have investors to fund the game? Or you think if you have people to build the game, then you'll have funders?

    If your situation is the latter, this article seems to give a pretty clear overview of the process for indie game developers:

    Hope this helps!

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      I have initial startup capital from investors, but I'm juggling the idea of moving forward because of my lack of experience in the industry. But I will read the article you linked today. Any relevant info is helpful!

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        So your question is mostly around how to hire your first people?

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          Yes! Some approach to hiring the first team.