You’re on IH it means I can spam you

I just don’t know why.... I think one email should be max if you’re gonna go on that road, but spamming IH members “just because they are members of IH and you “found” them there”... bro

What about you guys? Is this an okay strategy? To be clear: for me not okay.

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    Not really sure what kind of emails you get but one of the most efficient ways to grow an indie business is by doing sales, especially in the beginning. One email is usually not enough, I've closed deals and been closed after 5/6 follow up emails.

    The quality of the emails should of course be thoughtful but I see no reason to rage about outreach email, especially in a place where people are trying to grow their business. Being shutdown on email is hard enough already, and some people even quit because of it.

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      sending 5 follow up emails on people not reacting is spamming, no discussion, calling it outreach is BS. Sending a personal message to a person in the community to ask feedback etc i call community building.

      i had people asking me to join IH groups, i am more than happy
      i have people asking for advise on their product , no prob
      these pitches ... oh i found you on IH and just telling you you need to buy my product ... its spam

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        As I said, the quality of the emails should of course be thoughtful, so I think we agree on that.

        I think it's a bit harsh to say that following up is spam.

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      Like I said, one email should be max, but not 3 to 4 follow up emails to someone who never subscribed to your service, and whom you are contacting SOLELY because they are a member of IH

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        I agree being a member of IH shouldn't be a reason for contacting. However, being contacted because you're in the target market for someone trying to get their business off the ground is another thing, I believe.

        I get that it can be annoying, especially if the emails are bad. But remember, most people are just trying to start/grow a business, and it's hard.

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          This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    Depends on the way you email if you write "found you on IH I think you'll find my product valuable", yeah but why? if there is a good explanation hit me up.

    Outreach is helpful, but spam isn't.

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    I can't hate too hard on one cold email (because I send cold emails too), but I agree multiple follow-ups without my reply are unnecessary

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    Whenever I get spam from someone who scraped IndieHackers I do the following:

    • I report them as spam
    • I subscribe their address to a bunch of US political candidates' newsletters, cuz in my experience, they all share lists within their parties and they'll never stop getting email asking for political donations


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    find it annoying too , and had people send "follow ups" like 3 times because you were probably too bussy to reply

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      I am experiencing the same thing, with being added to some "drip" list with auto follow up emails every 7 days -_- it's like bro, don't bother me, I don't feel like replying even.

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    I don't like it. But is my fault.

    Some had even subscribed me to a mailing list.

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    "Report Spam" is what I use for those.

    From IH or otherwise.

    It is spam (unsolicited) after all.

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    God I hate this.

    People will send up to 4 emails saying all kinds of stuff to get me to reply.

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    Maybe I’m not a great salesman, but I’ve always gone about things this way:

    Cold outreach = 1 email. If there’s no response, it’s very unlikely that I’ll get a response by sending a bunch of follow-ups. And even if that strategy finally gets me a response, it’ll be from someone who you annoyed to get in front of, which sets you off on the wrong foot.

    I know the multiple outreach email strategy works for some and is sales 101, but I just don’t like it.

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