Zapier buys no-code-focused Makerpad in its first acquisition

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    Well done @bentossell and @wadefoster! Happy to see two of my favorite pick-and-shovel businesses joining forces.

    I definitely just went back through the archives and found Ben's Markerpad interview from June 3rd, 2019. At that point Makerpad was doing "just" $22k/mo…

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    Congrats @bentossell! You'll have to come on the IH podcast to talk about it, perhaps with @wadefoster, too? An acquisition episode with two past guests 🔥

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    Congrats! Huge acquisition there :)

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        Congrats man, such an inspiration @bentossell

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      Thanks Rosie for all your support :)

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    Congrats @bentossell. This further proves my theory that no-code solutions are for non-developers.

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    I hope Ben and Wade end up actually doing another podcast. They may not know it but a lot of us would really like to hear you guys speak about this and about how your doing overall.

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    This is amazing! Congrats @bentossell!

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    Wow. Such a big news!! Congrats @bentossell

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