November 11, 2019 Explained


(Note: is not a built site yet.)

The objective with building a dating site in the first place is actually in personal interest in providing the Internet community such a tool as what I have in mind. Most of the dating sites out there including Christian dating sites are: show your pic, describe yourself, cross your fingers and hope for a personality match. eHarmoney focuses more on the personality, others more on the pics. However, my goal is to give everyone the opportunity to sign up for dating at, but people who align with Biblical principles including Biblical marriage are grouped off to find each other more exclusively at

So to clarify what is meant by Biblical marriage, these components must exist in one's core beliefs: 1) heterosexuality, 2) monogomy, 3) Biblical monotheology (belief in God of the Bible) and the belief that God plays a key and critical role in a successful marriage, 4) belief in the absolute permanence of marriage, and 5) belief in the absolute stigma of one's own unfaithfulness.

Those who are not fully committed to Biblical marriage can still use the site (, and might have an online dating experience no less useful than, say, Plenty of Fish. People who are fully committed to Biblical marriage are informed that they are in a special group, given access to, and will have additional search and profile tools at their disposal to assist them in finding each other, along with various written articles and perhaps Biblical counseling resources.

Ordained ministers who are willing and available to marry couples can also make themselves available here.

Monetization plan:

The purpose of the site is to assist people in finding permanent marriages. So the site would be free for everyone. But those who marry, and who have remained married for at least two years, would be encouraged to give a major donation to the site.

Why this will work: In Biblical marriage, marriage is for a lifetime, and marriage stories last a lifetime. So when people ask a married couple, "How did you find each other?" The answer will be repeated for years, and years, and years. "We met on [website].com." When couples who find each other on are married and tell their story, they will always have that nagging reminder in the back of their minds: "Oh yeah, we need to donate to them, like we agreed." So, users will have this explained to them at signup and again after some time, that if they choose to use the site, then they must agree to send a big fat check to after a successful marriage proves itself out. As for how much, ... "How grateful are you that you found each other? A $100 or even $1,000 donation would be a good starting point."

Meanwhile, all users are allowed and encouraged to give a donation at any time.

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