October 21, 2019

Launched 10Web 2.0 at Product Hunt

Arto Minasyan @Arto

While everyone talks about AI, many developers still optimize website speed manually. That’s why achieving the perfect website speed and performance and seeing your website on the first page of Google search is quite a challenging task.

You try to optimize all the components of your WP website provided by different companies — hosting platform, page builder or template, etc. — but they don’t work together as smoothly as you’d prefer. We all know that, we all were there once.

What we did to solve this problem?

We have been working for the last half year on 10Web 2.0. with a Speed Optimization tech. The techniques used include minimizing critical requests’ depth by combining resources, prioritizing resources’ load sequence (deferring the download of unnecessary resources by loading files in footer), reducing the length of chains by minifying scripts/styles, deferring offscreen images (enabling lazy load), optimizing images, and enabling caching to avoid php script execution. And many more - feel free to email to lear more=)

What users get?

Now any WP website can get “magical” 95+ Google PageSpeed Score with 10Web. If we translate this into people's speech, we hope our tech will help to:

✔️ WP Websites to easier been ranked by Google,
✔️ No more coding, spending time and resources to speed up any WP website,
✔️ Business owners won’t lose clients/revenue because of low page load.

Where to try

Anyone can sign up for a free trial of the platform at 10web.io, and launch a WordPress website with a readymade template, and score 95+ on the Google PageSpeed test.

You can check at our PH's page what people say about 10Web 2.o now and let me know what's your thoughts about our product.