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To make marketing affordable and accessible to small businesses.

April 1, 2021 150birds 3.0: On-Demand Marketing Team

We pivoted to a SaaS offering and launched a new version of our platform. Small businesses signup for one of our subscription packages and get their marketing manager assigned right after. The marketing manager schedules a kickoff call with the business owner, and the marketing plan is created based on the objectives and timelines of the business. A team of specialists is curated based on the specific needs of each business.

February 15, 2021 Launched 150birds 2.0 on ProductHunt

We launched the second iteration of the platform on ProductHunt. We received mixed reviews regarding focusing equally on the demand and supply side, which didn't make for the best product launch. We learned that we should be primarily focused on the supply side (demand gen) and doing the team curation (matchmaking) on the back-end ourselves. The key learning for the client-side was that the freelancer's experience level or prior work experience is not relevant compared to the outcome.

January 26, 2021 150birds 2.0 Closed Beta Launch

Today is a remarkable milestone for the 150birds marketing technologies company. We are announcing the closed beta launch of our new platform. With it, we hope to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their freelance marketing teams. This platform is actively being designed by a dedicated team that is working tirelessly to produce a polished product. Over the last year, we have spoken with hundreds of small businesses and startups to assess what features they need the most. We now have a plan for how to meet those expectations.

January 4, 2021 150birds nominated top startup by The Startup Pill

The Startup Pill has kindly featured us in their article, “Best and Most Innovative Startups founded in San Francisco in 2020.” Their article showcases top startups based in San Francisco.

150birds provides an all-in-one platform where small businesses can manage their marketing program, monitor projects, and communicate with their marketing team. Our clients will have access to their team from anywhere, and any time. The 150birds platform enables asynchronous communication between marketing team members and clients, so everyone can work on their own time.

Here at 150birds, we help businesses grow by providing them with cost-efficient and flexible models! We focus on using data-driven matching to ensure that our clients will receive the most optimal team of marketing talent based on their goals and budget. Our clients will only be paying for what they use; clients won’t need to worry about extra overhead costs or paying for idle hours.

November 13, 2020 Startup Review by Feedough

Marketing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and it’s really hard when it comes to startups. While there’s always an option to hire an in-house marketing team, it’s not always feasible as it costs a lot.

Hiring agencies to handle marketing is a great workaround. But they do charge a lot as well.

Freelancers get the work done for a lesser price. But they’re slow.

This created a repressed demand to get marketing services that are not as pricey as agencies and not as slow as freelancers.

And this led to 150Birds – a freelancer aggregator that provides fast marketing services to businesses at a lesser price.

November 5, 2020 Got our first paying customer!

Landed our first long-term contract. The main services being offered here are website optimization, conversion optimization, google ads, Twitter ads, long-form blog copy, and performance tracking. They have another vendor for SEO - but this gives us a good sense of what a service bundle specific to startups may look like.

October 20, 2020 Unbundling the Marketing Workspace

At 150birds, we're unbundling the marketing agency and reimagining the marketing function from the ground up.

Read about how we aim to disrupt a $105B industry while providing a better work/life balance for creative freelancers.


August 15, 2020 Flock Talk: The Future of Marketing Podcast

In this episode, we explore the Martech landscape and how it is poised to evolve in the future. We sat down with “The Godfather” of Martech: Scott Brinker, the VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot; Editor at chiefmartec.com; and Program Chair of MarTech. We discuss his passion for working in Martech for over 20 years, the motivation for creating ChiefMartech, and how he got involved with the MarTech Conference. We chat about his day-to-day at Hubspot, how the company has transitioned to working remotely, and his predictions for the industry’s future.


June 18, 2020 Launched MVP

At 150birds, our goal is to be your marketing team to help you grow your business anytime and anywhere 🚀. To do this, we have created a platform where you can have direct access to a personal team of marketers. You can also tap into our community of experts, schedule a free call with one of our strategists to help you solve any issue your business is currently facing for free!

April 22, 2020 Marketing-as-a-Service

Did you know that Marketing is also evolving? And this new era is called "Marketing as a Service, MaaS."
You are probably wondering what that means. Don't worry. Please grab a cup of coffee and enjoy our post for a minute. You will be surprised at what you might find!


To make marketing affordable and accessible to small businesses.