October 26, 2019

Announced the New 1Blocker for Mac

Salavat Khanov @khanov

After eight months of hard work, I'm very excited to show what's new in 1Blocker for Mac. It'll be the biggest update of 1Blocker so far.

I'm releasing the new 1Blocker next week: Wednesday, October 30.

Initially, I planned to use SwiftUI or make a Catalyst app from the existing iOS app. However, SwiftUI is just too buggy and not ready for complex apps like 1Blocker and Catalyst apps don't support content blocker extensions. So, I had to learn how to develop AppKit apps for Mac.

It was a fun process transitioning from iOS dev to macOS dev and I learned a lot. AppKit shares many things with UIKit, but at the same time, differs a lot.

If you are interested in making your iOS app available on the Mac and unsure which road to take, hit me up. I may be able to guide you.

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