It's been around the block a few times

1Secret is a service for sharing transient secrets. In a nutshell, it generates a unique URL containing information or files, that expires (and gets destroyed permanently) after a specified time. You can encrypt the secret with your own password, and of course share it.

1Secret is not now. Quite soon it will be 3 years old. I made the classic beginner's mistake of sitting on it instead of launching fast. Ironically, I had an MVP ready in ~10 hours, but it took so much longer to polish it up, write automated tests for most of the important code, build additional features, fix bugs, and tweak the design.

In the meantime I've used it every day myself, and I've even got a corporate user (who wants to pay me money), as well as random tire-kickers.

One of the sticking points that made me push the launch down the line is pricing. I could never make up my mind how much to charge for it, and what tiers I should have.

Recently, however, I sat down and gave it more careful consideration, and I think I arrived at a pricing structure that I'm happy with.

I do have 2-3 additional big features I would like 1Secret to have, but I've decided I will just launch the way it is, after I finalize the new pricing structure.

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    Yes, just launch! I lesson I've seen learned repeatedly is that pricing is hard to determine, so launch and test pricing, over and over!
    Best of luck!

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      I got the pricing nailed down for now, and to keep things simple I only have 2 tiers: Personal (free) & Pro (paid). Later I'll add a Team tier, but I'll worry about pricing it when the time comes.

      The only remaining tasks (pretty big one at that) are to update the marketing sections (Pricing page, etc), and change some things on the back-end for subscription processing.

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