No more roadmap

Currently 1secret.app has a Roadmap page with a series of ambitious goals. I will remove it before launch. Why?

I created the roadmap as a way to publicly keep track of planned features, as well as keep myself accountable. In retrospect, I shouldn't have published that list in the first place.

Much time has passed since, and my vision of what 1Secret can be in the short and long run has crystalized into more concrete ideas. As a result, that roadmap is no longer accurate. Some of those features remain, some will likely never happen, while others will morph into something similar. A lot of the hard numbers will also change.

Rather than keep this fictional version of the roadmap updated to match my current vision, I've decided it's better to remove it for now, and perhaps restore it later in a more concise form.

This way there's less work for me, and less potential for giving users false hopes. Under-promise and over-deliver is what I'm going for.

So if you're curious to know what's on the outdated roadmap, you'll have to navigate there on your own, as I will not link to it intentionally.

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