September 20, 2019

Began my 20startups experiment!


Having moved to Canggu in Bali to reduce my operating costs, it's time to begin my project! First things first: learning Django and joining the super popular local co-working space, Dojo.

What is 20startups? Well, the TLDR is:

I’m going to attempt to build 20 startup experiments of varying sizes within the space of a year, with the aim of maximising exploration, learnings, and further pursuing one or more of the startups beyond the experiment.

...yes, it sounds ridiculous (and maybe it is).

Anyway, if you want to read the full version, it's here:

My list of things to learn is also VERY long, but I anticipate that later in the process I'll be able to move a lot faster. Alongside building 20 startup experiments I'll be learning how to build apps for the first time (because the challenge wasn't big enough already. 😅

Wish me luck!

Today's Top Milestones
  • 1000 YouTube subscribers!
    I started my channel last week and made my first video. I promoted it on my Twitter page, to my newsletter, Reddit, and good ol' Indie Hackers, and en
  • Got my first paying customer!
    Today one of my first trial customers for SharePoint Server Recovery converted to paid. It felt amazing! Just 99 more of these and I'll be exactly whe
  • Finished MVP
    It took 11 weeks and a lot a helpless fights but finally there's something that can solve a big issue. I coded the whole thing in React / Node.js and
  • Open metrics June
    June was the first month running Phoenix Down. It has been an emotional rollercoaster and I want to share some numbers: 💰 Revenue numbers - Made $8 i
  • Browser(dev-tool) Extensions support!
    Responsively App v0.5.0 is now live and here are the updates: - Installation and use of dev-tools category browser extensions are now supported. Now d
  • Front page of hacker news!
    Yesterday my jq tutorial made the front page of hacker news! It was fabulous to see how many people I helped. I thought my edge would be writing innov
  • A Simple Administrative Dashboard
    ![]( Naturally we're going to need an administrative dashboard for our customers s
  • We raised $3,000!
    Shoutout to Gumroad CEO, Sahil Lavingia for donating $1,000 to my platform. I have successfully raised a bit over $3,000 ($2915 on GoFundMe and $165 v
  • 200 Followers on Twitter
    Slow and steady growth, with some jumps whenever we host an event (couple times a month) or upload a recording. Our last meetup, which was a Q&A aroun
  • Landing Page Revamp
    Based on the excellent feedback I've been receiving here on Indie Hackers (