Began my 20startups experiment!

Having moved to Canggu in Bali to reduce my operating costs, it's time to begin my https://20startups.me project! First things first: learning Django and joining the super popular local co-working space, Dojo.

What is 20startups? Well, the TLDR is:

I’m going to attempt to build 20 startup experiments of varying sizes within the space of a year, with the aim of maximising exploration, learnings, and further pursuing one or more of the startups beyond the https://20startups.me experiment.

...yes, it sounds ridiculous (and maybe it is).

Anyway, if you want to read the full version, it's here: https://johnnymakes.co/why-im-building-20-startups-in-a-year/

My list of things to learn is also VERY long, but I anticipate that later in the process I'll be able to move a lot faster. Alongside building 20 startup experiments I'll be learning how to build apps for the first time (because the challenge wasn't big enough already. 😅

Wish me luck!

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