December 24, 2019

2FA Reminder is Live on the Chrome Web Store


Not a very complicated app to build, so now I know how to launch my own Chrome extension! Now I have a new hammer so everything is looking like a new nail.

Highly recommend looking into building one as it's a great way to prototype an idea (took me less than a day).

Would anyone find my extension useful? :)

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    Any chance that the code is open source?

    1. 2

      Sure is!
      It's an embarrassingly simple app, but I find it useful :)

      Welcome to feedback, contributions, or anything!

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        Thanks mate, the simpler the better, I'm looking to build an extension of my own too. Was just looking at the source, I would've thought that you had a list of 2FA sites to check against no?

        You can get started with this list:

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          You should go for it, they're very easy to make/submit. It''s funny you mention it because I found these guys after I made the extension. They do the method you suggest!

          They're also a lot more well-designed and have many users lol

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      Thanks! Let me know what you think!

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