October 11, 2019

💫 v2 early access

Nicholas Rempel @nbrempel

I started 30 Hour Jobs In February with just a landing page and a newsletter. When the newsletter had several hundred people sign up over night, I knew I was onto something.

Until now the site has been created without any code by using online services.

Once I realized how popular this topic is, I decided to build out a custom site to offer a cleaner and more cohesive experience.

It’s been a long time coming but the 30 Hour Jobs V2 site is finally available at a hidden URL: https://web-30hourjobs.herokuapp.com/

Please feel free to post real jobs as I will be swapping over .com domain to this site in the next few days!

Also feel free to post test jobs and companies if you like. I can clean up the test data easily.

If you have any feedback on anything at all I would absolutely love to hear it.

Thanks for looking everyone! Wish me luck on the proper (quiet) launch this weekend!

Today's Top Milestones
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