September 8, 2019

Submitted our app to the Fixathon


We launched in the Google Play Store as an open beta (and a bit later on Apple Test Flight), launched a website and recorded this video walking the judges through the app.

As expected it was of course a bit rough around the edges, being a 1-month side project, but we were really proud of how it turned out!

Today's Top Milestones
  • We’re switching to Tailwind CSS
    We’re very excited to announce that after 1-year of using our custom CSS framework, we recently decided to switch to Tailwind CSS as the new front-end
  • We just launched on producthunt Automatically generate HQ ads and headlines for your campaigns. If you're on IH and want to try out th
  • Launched on Product Hunt 😻
    The big day is here. We're live on Product Hunt! Pixel UI Pro is the bestseller item on Themesberg making up to 50% of our sales empowering over 100 d