September 13, 2019

Finished Business Registration

Anthony Lee @adlee83

I finished my business registration portion of my site and updated the site with business pricing. I've realized I probably need to go after the business market instead of focusing on the consumer market. It makes more sense financially and only a few accounts could help get to break even.

I also posted to Hacker News, we'll see if anything comes of it, but hopefully it will get a little bit of traction. I'm going out of town today so I decided to go ahead and post it to HN, that way I'm not sitting by waiting to see if it takes off! It it does, fantastic, if not I have other things to do.

This is my long term play. I'm giving myself a couple of years on this one. I've built and shutdown too many things in just a short amount of time without really putting in the effort to make it something. This time will be different, I'm going to force the market to tell me that it doesn't work instead of just hoping people stumble across the product.