October 25, 2020

Finished Beta version of the MVP

Sébastien Castiel @scastiel

After a lot of hours spend in my code editor, I finally have a version ready for first tests. I developed it using tools I already knew, using cloud services when possible, because my goal was to release as soon as possible.

The basic features are free, and it’s possible to purchase a Premium subscription for $9.99 as a one-time payment. I’m not sure exactly of the final pricing model…

A small overview of the tech stack:

  • Node.js/Express for the webserver
  • Heroku to host the webserver
  • MongoDB Atlas for the database
  • React, only for the 3D cover editor
  • Auth0 for the authentication
  • Cloudinary to host images
  • Stripe to handle premium account purchase

I’m looking for some users to try it, and when it is ready, I’ll post it on HackerNews and/or ProductHunt!