July 16, 2020

Launch on ProductHunt Today! 🎉

Benny Chan @bennychan

Since the feedback is quite good after launching on IH and subreddit, I decide to launch 3sName on Product Hunt. I don’t aim high to be the top product of the day. As a passionate maker, I just want to keep shipping in the public. Learn Fast, Ship Fast, Grow Fast! 🔥

This time, the product is simple but it can help most SaaS founders like me. After researching, I found that there was a market for business name generators. The market leader is having around 250,000 visitors per month. I feel really surprised by the figure. Though I am not sure if these products can monetize the traffics. 📈

Finding a suitable name looks like a simple problem. But it’s a common issue that every founder must go through it. For me, I’m trying to scratch my own itch. Let’s see how far I can go!🚀

I’ll keep you guys updated! Please upvote on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/3sname/

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