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All-action No-code bootcamp. Side-by-side with me. Exactly how I’d help you build your app if you hired me.

January 28, 2021 Reached $4789 in sales

In 10 days I reached almost $5k in sales!

I found my clients mostly from the Bubble forum, Bubble FB group and Slack communities.

Next marketing things I'm gonna try:

  • Blogpost to share on Hacker News and try to hit the front page "What I Learnt Building a Chrome Extension With No-Code Tools"

  • Blogpost to post here on IH in the no-code group: "Tell me why you're stuck with your Bubble project. I'll help you for free."

  • Cold email campaign to reach No-Code agencies and freelancers

I'm so excited! 🤩

January 14, 2021 107 users signed up!

Since I posted 71 Lines on Twitter and Linkedin I collected 107 emails from people that want to do the course!

I'm also excited because in my 71 Lines private Slack Group I now have 30 members!
I created the group to get feedback and talk about no-code tools, and so far people have been quite active.

Can't wait to launch 71 Lines next week 🤩

January 4, 2021 +23 organic users with no launch

Here is the link to the course landing page

Not ready yet, but you can subscribe to get notified and join the slack group! (you’ll receive the invite link in the email once subscribed)

And here a link to the projects I've built in Bubble (aka how I learnt the things I teach in the course

January 1, 2021 Came up with the idea

When I started building I was lost.
The business idea was not validated yet, and I didn't want to waste money to hire an engineer or learn how to code a website widget without being sure that someone would have bought the product.

I needed to build a website widget with no-code technologies in days, not weeks but I couldn't find a complete tutorial or course on how to do it, so I decided to solve the problem by myself.

In this course I will teach you how to load a Bubble app within an html iFrame and communicate (bidirectionally) with the webpage or the browser's active tab. Basically all the fundamentals I wish I had when I started building my Chrome extensions and website widgets with Bubble.


All-action No-code bootcamp. Side-by-side with me. Exactly how I’d help you build your app if you hired me.