August 21, 2019

I decided what I wanted to do next

Albert Santalo @8baseAlbert

After a great run building CareCloud (since 2009), I decided it was time to begin my next startup journey. Building the massively complex single-instance, multi-tenant SaaS products for my companies and suffering through the trials, tribulations, dilution and sleepless nights of worrying about capital raising and achievement of aggressive sales targets molded my thinking in a couple of ways:

  1. I wanted to make the development of SaaS products easier for founders. This was especially true of non-technical founders.

  2. I wanted to build a business that could grow exponentially (a.k.a. self-service freemium) without having to fund, hire and manage an expensive sales and professional services team.

  3. I wasn't excited to build another industry-vertical focused SaaS company.

The concept for what eventually became 8base was born out of a combination of : 1) the evolution of modern cloud platforms; 2) JavaScript becoming a full-stack language; and, 3) years of observing dev teams struggling to deliver the same underlying application architecture for SaaS apps that cut across industries and functional areas of business.

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