October 19, 2019

Finished MVP

Kermin Zahirovic @RayT

It was quite harder to finish the MVP for AB Rocket but I did it! I was facing more challenges than I would expect at the beginning. In order to developing a AB Testing tool I hat to understand how developing two completely different products.

  1. Backend
    The backend is the heart of my tool. This is where you can setup your AB Test and create tracking goals and check the results.

  2. Analytics / OnSite Tracking / Cloud infrastructure
    The second part was quite harder to accomplish. Here is where the magic happens.
    This particular part of the software is where the magic happens. Everything you setup in the backend needs to be delivered to the website and the client (website user). Furthermore data have to find its way back to the backend / analytics endpoint.

In order to achieve this, I was working on my MVP for about 2 Months every evening (I am still employed as a full-time developer) and on the weekends.

I was able to implement successfully the following features:

  • Authentication (Login / Signup)
  • Basic database model for storing experiments + code
  • Basic experiments overview
  • Simple Code editor for editing code (which will be exposed to the website visitor)
  • super simple analytics --> count +1 when user visited a page

For me this was a huge milestone, because I knew from here on I can achieve much more!

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