August 30, 2019

Got our first paying customer!

Aleksandar Basara @aleksbasara

Today one of our "free plan" customers for converted to paid. I noticed when I got the email from Gumroad that said "Payment of 2€". It felt amazing! Just 5000 more of these and I'll be exactly where I want to be with my business. :D

Milica & Aleks

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    first 2 euro :) Sweet!

    by the way, have you added yourself to Awesome Design Tools? It can give you extra attention from users:

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      Hey, nice list... will do...

  2. 3

    Congrats! Really cool illustrations by the way.

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      We're glad you like the style!

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    Congrats! Amazing feeling :)

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    Congrats... may the next 4999 no quickly :)

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    I don't know why I've never seen (or noticed) the requiring a mention thing before in anyone's pricing page but that's such a great idea.

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    Congrats, keep the good work going!

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    Congrats ! Stunning illustrations.

    Other list to submitted if you haven't

    Have a good day

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    Big well done! Looking forward to that when I release !! 🔥

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      It looks like the url is broken...

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    Excellent artwork 👍

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    good job guys. Did you really work with Porsche? What kind of job you've done for them?

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    Great job Aleksandar and Milica! Really digging the art style. :) What’s your next milestone from here?

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      Thanks! Our next milestone is to prepare the Second Issue of, set up a few landing page examples with, and create a roadmap :)

      Pricing is still an issue and we can't decide how to solve it. But I hope that'll solve that one soon.

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    Getting paid is one of the best feelings. Great work! I'm excited to hear about many more emails from Gumroad in the future.