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Our goal is let anyone improve the Conversion Rate of their Landing Page with ease.

October 2020 We integrated GPT-3 for text suggestions!

We recieved a completely random email inviting us to the open source of GPT-3 and we couldn't belive it! We are still so stoked about it.

Then we quickly added it to our tool to improve the texts suggestions with this beautyfull AI. Now it's helping our customers to get better texts for their experiments.

July 8, 2020 We were featured on Hubspot's blog!

Last week I was checking the backlinks for our site and realized we increased our domain authority by 10 points. It was weird since we weren't doing that much work on SEO.

We took an amazing surprise when we found out that Hubspot (a huge Marketing/CRM tool) featured us as one of "The Best A/B Testing Plugins For WordPress" in their official blog.

We didn't reach out to anyone. A few weeks ago someone with the mail @hubspot.com signed up, and we assume they tried it out and like it.

May 21, 2020 Biggest News Site in 🇺🇾 is using ABtesting.ai!

The biggest newspaper on our country (Uruguay) implemented our tool (https://abtesting.ai) in one of their landing pages!

The whole site have over 13 million views a month, just being there will give us a lot of credibility.

The whole sales process was stressful, but a truly enjoyable journey.

We don't want to share more info just in case, but it's quite a day for us 🙌🏻

April 20, 2020 Our first 150 Sing Ups!

It's been a lot of work, but now we have 150 registered accounts on https://www.abtesting.ai.

Some of them implemented the tool in their website, some just looked around, but we learned a lot about their behaviour on the site.

Moreover, it was key in finding small insights in desing and usability: We are always building knowing everything about our product and how we want it to be used, but users know nothing when they arrive to our landing.

January 16, 2020 Finished MVP

It took months, but we had it in our hands: our MVP was ready to use!

It was coded with Javascript and Python. There were two heavy parts: the machine learning algorith and the wizard.

The wizard allows users to introduce their website, and with a little bit of magic, they si their title, copy and call to action to start trying variants.

We have some friends around the internet that helped us getting some feedback.

October 10, 2019 @rsteca pitched me the idea.

We gather on a birthday and he told me about his new idea.

His friend had a landing page with loads of traffic and asked him to manualy code an a/b test, because he wasn't happy with Google Optimize and had some speciffic things in mind to try.

He had spent the last 2 months making a kind-of-MVP and showed it to me (that was not a friendly front-end).

A weird program that screenshots landing pages and recongnizes elemnts to do A/B testing - and from there we started everything!

Gonzalo Mordecki


Our goal is let anyone improve the Conversion Rate of their Landing Page with ease.