August 15, 2019

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Tim @MisterHat

Hi everyone! 👋

I am Tim, co-founder of Achieved. We’re super excited to launch today on ProductHunt.

Many thanks to @NikkiElizDeMere for Hunting us down! And most importantly, thank you for the feedback before the launch that allowed us to challenge ourselves and offer a much better version of Achieved today. 🙌🚀

It all started in January where, over a drink with some friends, we realized that we were experiencing the same professional challenges.

We realized that our colleagues
(1) were misunderstanding the contribution of others to the success of the company.
(2) have difficulties linking their daily actions to our OKRs and monitoring their progress.
(3) were frustrated to not celebrate enough the small successes of the daily life and too often waited our all hands meeting for this to happen. While these meetings are not frequent and, during them, these small successes were generally neglected at the expense of "more important announcements".

We then interviewed dozens of company founders and managers to gather their views on this issue and we realized that this problem was very frequent and is generating a lot of frustrations.

Achieved is the result of all these interviews and interactions with the 200s companies that have registered on our waiting list. Further researches allowed us to discover the profiles and challenges of people looking for a solution such as Achieved:

  • They typically come from the General Management (29.6%), Engineering (27.8%) or Product & Design department (25.9%).

  • Their company usually count less than 20 persons (76,4%)

  • Their team count less than 10 persons (81,8%)

  • SCRUM (58.2%) and ORK (36.4%) are the most used frameworks

  • Remote working is definitely a reality for them (52,7% define it as a priority for their company, 25,5% define it as allowed but not yet encouraged by their company)

  • 30,9% of the teams are fully remote

In this first version of the application, we have decided to focus on two fundamental pillars:

  • 👋 Daily check-in

We want to let anyone in your organisation give the ideal level of detail on their daily activities to build awareness, trust and transparency.

  • 🎯 Objective tracking

We want to help you keep everyone aligned by sharing the same objectives. We want to help them go the extra mile and easily link their daily actions and longer-term objectives.

This is just the beginning!

We're continuously exploring ways to find the best solution to support your people and their daily work.

Our ambition here is to collect your feedback on this first version and build a tool that will allow your teams to stay aligned, work together, work better.

We'll be here all day to answer any questions you might have, so ask away!

Cheers! 🍻


PS: We're thrilled to offer all Product Hunters a 30% discount on our monthly plan! Use this coupon code: producthunt_monthly (send it via our Intercom chat).
Be fast, it'll last only 48 hours!

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