November 21, 2019

Launched Engineering-as-Marketing WebExtension

Brandon Bayer @flybayer

I launched a free browser extension that adds search to Twitter Bookmarks!

If you've used Twitter bookmarks more than a little, you know how frustrating it can be to go back and find a bookmarked tweet without search.

A few weeks ago I realized this would be a perfect little engineering-as-marketing tool to help spread awareness of Acorn and also hopefully get some more backlinks to my website for SEO.

I spent around 20 hours on this — probably more than I should have. But I did learn a lot. This was the first time I've published an extension to the Chrome and Firefox stores, so that was good to learn. Here's a couple key items I didn't expect:

  • Chrome extension requires a privacy policy if you handle any customer data
  • Firefox requires uploading the source code of your extension, if you use a bundler like Webpack or Parcel, so they can do a manual code review.