May 26, 2020

🎉 Launched v2 of Hallway on ProductHunt!

Kunal @memn0nis

First the link :)

We're super excited to launch V2 today. What started as a side project we built over a weekend has now helped 500+ teams hold 5000+ video breaks all over the world. It's truly humbling for us to see!

Hallway V2 contains contains a bunch of new features designed to make it super easy to stay connected with your team, including:

  1. Ability to trigger video breaks on demand
  2. See everyone who joins each break in real-time
  3. Countdown timer and ability to extend room lengths
  4. More flexibility in scheduling when break rooms are created
  5. Metrics about how often your team uses Hallway

And it's still free!

Hope you all enjoy it :)