December 2, 2019

ActionBuddy for Writers public launch!


Once the MVP was complete, we started looking at where on how we could add more value to the product.

So we started creating a feature with the possible features we wanted to add.

By the end, I was able to add 80% of the wanted features and we decided it was time to release it to a group of invite only beta users.

Launch features that was added:

  • Random story plot generator (For fiction projects)
  • Image library per user
  • Readability score for content
  • Word suggestions while creating content
  • Export content to audio (MP3)
  • Auto-saving while creating content (Every 5 minutes)

After a week of inviting the beta users, we came found a few issues as well as where we could improve.

Once these changes were made, we launched the public version.

The public version is available for free as well as premium if you want to use a few extra features.

If you have created an account, please let me know what you think or have any feedback I would love to hear.