December 2, 2019

ActionBuddy for Writers was born!


During research my father was doing about writing and writers, focusing on what problems they encounter he found out that procrastination was one of the biggest issues they faced.

Procrastination affects the productivity of any writer and so he wanted to create something that would solve this problem.

ActionBuddy for Writers was suppose to only be a motivational reminder app. Something writers could use to help stay motivated and overcome procrastination.

When my father mentioned the app, I suggested taking it a step further by allowing writers to be able to take action as soon as they received their reminder which is when ActionBuddy for Writers was born.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Perseverance and random dev notes
    And here it comes the tough part. Major features have been developed, along with frontend optimizations. Now it's time to make some promotion and star