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I've been in sales all my professional life. Organically, I've consulted founders. I'm building this marketplace to connect founders to sellers

January 13, 2022 $230K in 8.5 months

There has been a lot of iteration when speaking with my customers to close out December 31st at $230K in revenue in my first 8.5 months.

There is only 1 learning, speak to your customers often! The more you speak with them the faster you know how to iterate and create a better experience for them.

There is still a long way to go but I am proud of how far we have come.

I would love to give back. Here is a link to my calendar if anyone would like advice or just wants to bounce ideas :

December 1, 2021 My first $60K month

The last few months have been intense. I 'feel' like I have product-market fit based on the growing demand. But, in a marketplace the delicate balance between demand and supply is tough and now I'm at the stage where supply is in shortage!

November was my first $60,000 month!! I'm so grateful to all the startup founders that are working with me and trusting in me. Now to a $100,000 month (hopefully December ??!!)

September 24, 2021 August Update

I'm almost a month late on my August update.

August was my best month yet, where I reached $26,000 in revenue. The pipeline kept building over time and a lot of it materialized in August.

At this stage, I know that I am driving impact on start-up founders and I see it working. I still need to refine internal process though.

September is an even bigger month than August.

August 2, 2021 July Update!

I think I have finally figured out my story! It's been a few months of learning from my ICP, constantly iterating and making a LOT of mistakes. I've learned a lot in these last 3 months.

Here's my story: I connect start-up founders with pre-vetted sales talent that help them to build and execute their strategy and tactics. This pre-vetted talent pool can be hired hourly, part-time or full-time and represent some of the world's leading companies such as Google, AWS, Snowflake etc. (I hope this makes sense!!)

The numbers, I'm grown just a little bit this month with a $7K month. I have a HUGE pipeline that I hope converts and help me solidify my work so far.

July 27, 2021 Start-ups to watch??!!

It's been over 3 days and I am still shocked!

Startup grind is hosting their Startup Grind Accelerate and I am one of the 50 start-ups to watch!! How crazy is this?

While I know it's a pure ego boost, but it just feels great after all the hard work to even have this type of a recognition. I'm grateful!

July 7, 2021 $6,000 in Month 2

What a month it has been! So many learning and so many things I need to improve on.

Let's start with the bad:

  1. In my 2nd month, my revenue was $6,000 so slightly higher than my 1st month but not as high as I would have liked it to be
  2. I need to iron out the process and documentation between start-up founders and consultants

Now the good:
I now have opportunities with 27 start-up founders!! 27!! holy shit! I would have never thought that I would have so many opportunities by month 2

June 28, 2021 YC Backed Client!

Y Combinator is the holy grail for start-up founders! Just getting a client that is YC backed was huge for me, but getting this from him was the icing on the cake!

'Thanks so much for reaching out and making all this happen for us. You've had a larger impact on our company than you may realise ;)'

June 5, 2021 2nd testimonial!!

Sorry, I'm posting too many updates here but I'm just so excited to get another testimonial from a start-up founder that used the marketplace I'm building! I need to learn how to use this testimonial to drive more start-up founders to use the marketplace. This was a pre-seed founder!

'I’ve had nothing but a remarkable experience with you and the team you’ve recommend. On-boarding was simple, and the terms are founder friendly. Thank you so much for making room for us in your schedule!'

June 4, 2021 5th paying customer & a Repeat Customer!!

2 updates today! Such a great day!

  1. I got my 5th paying customer today in less than 2 months of operations!! This technical founder came through a VC fund! He didn't have the background in sales and I was able to connect him with a sales leaders that has sold to his customers previously!
  2. I also got a repeat customer!! I still can't believe this happened. Perhaps, I am onto something. Only time will tell!
June 1, 2021 From $472.5 to $5,457 in Month 1

Here's 7 things I've learned

  1. Niche down to type of startup founder
  2. Niche down industry they serve
  3. Niche down my services - I'm still contemplating this
  4. Get more testimonials & use my existing ones to drive more interest
  5. Figure out a way for start-up founders to keep me on top of mind when they think of sales
  6. Create time reporting formats
  7. Create guidelines for conversations between startup founders and sales experts


I've been in sales all my professional life. Organically, I've consulted founders. I'm building this marketplace to connect founders to sellers