December 3, 2019

(Soft) Launch on Reddit With 33% Signed up?


Over the weekend, I posted my new product, Adventurekeep on several tabletop gaming subreddits. Over that Sunday and the following Monday, I received 215 visitors, 72 of which signed up for an account and at least checked out the app.

None of them signed up for the paid plan, but this seems pretty good in terms of market validation? What have you all experienced in similar launch conditions? Is this response typical?

I spent a fair amount of time crafting my post (which you can see here, and getting feedback from friends and family.

Overall, I received 22 upvotes. Which isn’t taking the world by storm but I’m proud of my start!


I think the included gifs really helped visualize what I was trying to describe. And engaging with commenters and quickly addressing feedback I think helped people trust what I was showing them.

I also received several emails with great feedback and feature requests. Time to get busy!


In conclusion, I think I had a pretty decent start. But I’d like to hear what you all think as far as how well this reddit post did compared to others’ experiences.

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