October 30, 2019

Opened call for beta users in 3 Facebook groups

Monica Lent @momoko

On Sunday evening, we bit the bullet and shared about Affilimate in three Facebook groups which contain professional bloggers: one group I posted in, two others one of our users posted in on our behalf.

Leads are still rolling in! Our existing members offered testimonials on the posts, and helped boost them. As of Wednesday evening we're still getting submissions.

Stats (so far)

  • 42 leads
  • 28 contacted
  • 14 signed up
  • 11 activated

It brings our total number of "In Trial" users to 23. We are still working on winning over our first paying user, so let's see if one of these early adopters is going to be "the one" 😁

*Note: We got permission from admins before posting! If you're considering promoting in Facebook groups, you need to ask first or you might get banned.