October 13, 2019

Quit my job!

Monica Lent @momoko

Tomorrow is going to be my FIRST WEEKDAY as a full-time founder 😱

We've got about 25 beta users and a few people in trial we're hoping will convert 🤞The main things I'm planning to focus on:

  1. Acquiring customers. I have a plan for that (see below).
  2. Interviewing customers. I want to talk to at least one user or prospective user every single day.
  3. Product development. Spending a lot more time coding after managing exclusively for the year plus.

I've already secured permission from the owners of two Facebook groups to advertise there, so my goal is to post in the smaller one this week as a "test round" before posting in a group of 8,000+ members of my target audience.

Happy to get any tips you have for me!

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