October 13, 2019

Quit my job!

Monica Lent @momoko

Tomorrow is going to be my FIRST WEEKDAY as a full-time founder 😱

We've got about 25 beta users and a few people in trial we're hoping will convert 🤞The main things I'm planning to focus on:

  1. Acquiring customers. I have a plan for that (see below).
  2. Interviewing customers. I want to talk to at least one user or prospective user every single day.
  3. Product development. Spending a lot more time coding after managing exclusively for the year plus.

I've already secured permission from the owners of two Facebook groups to advertise there, so my goal is to post in the smaller one this week as a "test round" before posting in a group of 8,000+ members of my target audience.

Happy to get any tips you have for me!

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    I love how the people are moving away from a 9-5 job to starting their own businesses. I wish you all the best and maximum conversion rates.

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      Thank you so much!! I'm super excited ^_^

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    Awesome, congrats on switching to it full-time! I'd recommend really trying to get those first few users to convert or finding out what features/price it would take to get them to start paying.

    Once you have some paying customers, I really like this thread about prioritization:

    I'm in a similar situation for my current project trying to convert some beta users 😀.

    How did you get your beta users?

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      Thanks Fahim! I'm definitely trying to keep contact with those users and understand the difference between normal requests and "mission critical" in terms of their buying decision O_O

      I will check out that thread!

      I got my beta users through Facebook groups, too! So it's worked before, and I'm hoping it'll work again in new groups and with a more polished product.

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    Good luck! Tomorrow is actually my last day at my current job. Gonna work on my own as well :)

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      Congratulations on starting the journey!! Let's rock this 👊

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    Congrats! Now go email all of those beta users and trial users, see how they're feeling/what they're thinking, and do everything you can to get them paying.

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    Great to see another woman founder take that step. If you are revenue positive, I’d like to interview you for womenhustlers.com :)

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      Not yet, but I'm hoping be there VERY SOON! 😂

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    Whew, that’s a huge step, congratulations Monica! What made it hard to take that step? What made it easy?

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      Thanks Mark!! To your questions:

      Hard: Money, mostly. After 5 years at my previous job I was ready to move on, but not willing to wait until I could replace my cushy salary. So I'm running off of savings and might need to pick up consulting at some point.

      Easy: Being a software developer and arrogant enough to think I can code almost anything 😂

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        That's awesome.

        So many people wait until they've entirely replaced their salaries, which, software developer salaries being what they are, often means waiting too long.

        Great that you've found the courage to take the plunge a little sooner! Thanks for sharing!

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    Awesome! Made the jump myself earlier this year, congratulations on taking a huge step! :) It's amazing how much there is to learn and how much you can grow as a person when you're outside the structure of a normal job. I look forward to hearing about your journey!

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      Encouraging to hear that you're happy to made the leap! I'm looking forward to it for sure :))

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    Would be interested to hear what the factors were that made this possible? Runway Savings / Ramin profitable / SO support?

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      Hey Jax, thanks!! So, I've also been saving money aggressively for the last year or two, so right now I'm planning to use that. However, I also have a profitable travel blog that earns affiliate and ad revenue so that's just enough (some months) to pay my rent and help extend my runway.

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    Exciting times. Good luck.

    I'd say make your Facebooks posts nice and personal. Leverage all the advantages you have. People love an underdog. Someone who's quit their job, taking a risk etc ...

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      Thanks Harry! That's great advice. I definitely feel like sometimes my "voice" becomes too market-y and I have to take a step back and slap myself 😂

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    Congrats on taking the bold step.

    If you are interested in exposure, boosts in SEO and backlinks, I would love to feature your career move story on careermove.io.

    It's a great way to get you (and your business) in front of a new audience

    If you are interested, I can email you more details.

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      Haha i'll let you know when I have some revenue to speak of, then we can chat 😂

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        Career move story is not really about revenue. Employees would like to hear what made you quit and why you chose to build your own thing rather than keep working for people.

        It will be interesting without mentioning any business success or revenue

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    Test runs on posts is a great idea, also be sure to test run images and stick with successful ones. Images convey things so much faster, so pick good ones or make great ones.
    Reply to e-mails and inquiries as fast as you can to make your customers feel cared for and appreciated.
    Test your purchase pages and thank you pages until they are perfect, you don't want any gaffs when people try and pay you.
    Put some contact info on the page in case something goes wrong or people have questions.

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      Thanks for the input Hake! When say 'test' are you using things like GA events or experiments to test, or are there any specific tools you find the most useful for testing those things?

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        Test runs you can do on small audiences, like a group on FB or a subreddit, and you can see how much traction there is from two or three different posts (or same post w/ different image) and when you find a successful combo on the micro you can release it in a bigger pond