September 12, 2019

Finished MVP

Stephen Elson @kajiba

As always, things took a bit longer than expected but I finally completed the MVP for

The main reason for the delay was the decision to spend some quality time over the Summer with my young children (1 & 3), and I am very glad I did. Being around to see them grow has been amazing, and wouldn't have been possible working a 9-5 job

So, although I aimed to work on exclusively after taking redundancy, it has actually remained more of a side project in terms of hours spent. I aim to start increasing my efforts now, so should be able to get more done.

Anyway, the MVP is now live! The first hint of it's existence to the outside world was updating my LinkedIn status to reflect my new role as "Founder" :-) A few of my network checked it out and signed up for the free plan, but the real marketing work is yet to begin.

As mentioned in my previous update, the problem space we seek to address is quite broad but the MVP focuses on a small part (as an MVP should!)

The initial service provides automatic, continuous synchronisation of Trello to Google Sheets. In my experience, this is a common use case and one that currently has no good solution.

From here we want have several directions we could take, but will wait for input from customers before finalising a plan.

For now, I am sharing it here with my fellow hackers, and am keen for any feedback...

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